Natty Bos

Natty Bos

I am Clay Goldstein. I guess I started the ball rolling but we all had to declare this a band worthy of a web site.
In The NattyBōs, we found a group of musician/friends with a similar combination of musicianship, professionalism, creativity and energy… enough to create a band that could cause some damage.
I always wanted to be on stage. As a teenager in Baltimore I found Rock and Roll. At the end of High School I started carrying a Harmonica. Moving to
Los Angeles my focus was on original folk music, country and Rock playing with great singer/songwriter/performers including The Uninvited, Andras Jones and Jesse Loya; and on soundtracks and recordings including projects for Sheryl Crowe, Andy Summers and Brian O’Neal. My addiction to playing live and traveling brought me to Kansas City, Springfield MO and the Mid-West. There my upper music education in Blues, R&B, Gospel and Soul continued with Don Shipps’ Titanic Blues Band, and The Pawn Shop with Norman Jackson. We started TŌST Music (The Other Side of the Tracks) to be the umbrella for all of my personal musical projects and got to travel around the USA and Europe including three AFE/USO tours with Matt Ward. Now in Florida, I am always looking for musicians who genuinely want to play, create, make something special happen and have fun every show not just rehash past glories or retire … I found these guys, The NattyBōs …

While in high school, Mario LaCasse joined “Misbehavin,” a band who’s Texas Blues and Outlaw Country song list influenced his young guitar style. The band moved from South Florida to Austin Texas where Mario matured from guitar slinger to Musician. He embraced Jazz and Fusion in South Florida’s band “Flight,” and Rock, R&B and other popular styles in other combos. Then Mario returned to the Blues in one of the area’s most popular Jump Blues Bands, “Lowdown 13.” Now this deep knowledge of blues, country, jazz and rock along with a fluidity and unflinching confidence gained from his years as a playing professional makes Mario Lacasse a perfect fit for the NattyBōs’ diverse, soulful, and energetic style.

It’s not a Rock and Roll Band without the bass and drums. The NattyBōs have two of the best in the area. Dennis Freireich is a veteran of The Marshal Brothers Band and Danny Moon’s Roadhouse. Dennis is the definition of a bass player with solid grooves, and a dedication to strengthening the song’s foundation. He is a pro who keeps the band anchored and solid; and keeps the crowd and moving and dancing.

Drummer Bobby Ross, also a “Lowdown 13” alum, along with differetn versions of “TŌST.” He is the engine under the hood creating a tireless rhythmic identity and energy for each song, and the band. Bob is able to lock in with Dennis while giving each song its own unique signature. We pack a lot of music into our shows. With Bob on drums the NattyBōs never run out of fuel.