Future Prezidents

Future Prezidents

(Reggae, Pop, Ska, Rocksteady, World)

Future Prezidents iz a LIVE and DIRECT original style reggae band, hailing from Palm Beach County, Florida. Future Prez opened for world class international reggae sensation Jimmy Cliff at SunFest 2013 in West Palm Beach.

As a youth in the Eastern European Block, Future Prez front-man Boe Simeonov, fought in the human rights movement against the then communist regime. Self-respect iz the inspiration for the vision that iz Future Prezidents, a world where no institution iz above the human right of freedom of expression or speech.

In in 2009 founding members Boe (A.K.A. Bugs) & Mat (A.K.A. Medium-Rare) relocated to Florida from their home state of Maine. FP Frontman “Bugs” was a founding member with EastWave Radio, a recognized reggae band in the New England reggae/festival scene. FP bassist Mat played formerly with The Many Ones, a reggae/rock band out of Palm Beach County. FP Drummer Nate Largent was a founding member of The Resolvers, a popular reggae band in the SoFlo reggae scene. Johnny Boes was a founding member of Commonwealth.

Boe “Bugs” Simeonov – Vocals, Guitar &Vocal
Mat “Medium-Rare” Huntsberger – Vocals, Bass
Nate “King Midas” Largent – Vocals, Drums and Percussion.
Markus 5 – Keyboards & Vocals
Johnny “Bozey” Boes – Percussion, Alto and Tenor Saxophone
Hunter “Hatchet” Hutchings – Electric Guitar