DREAMS: Crystal Visions of FleetWood Mac

DREAMS: Crystal Visions of FleetWood Mac

An amazing Tribute to an Amazing Band Fleetwood Mac… Fleetwood Mac lead a generation of classic rock lovers on an amazing mystical musical journey spanning almost 5 decades! With the onset of The Fleetwood Mac “On With The Show Tour” in 2014 with Christine McVie re joining the band after decades, the emergence of an epic Fleetwood Mac Tribute like “Dreams The Fleetwood Mac Tribute” is even more poignant. This musical tribute captures the vibe, the sound, and spirit of an epic rock band that is still making its mark today.

Dreams Cast:

Eddie Jelley as Lindsey Buckingham on guitar and vocals
The band features Legendary Long Island guitarist Eddie Jelley as Lindsey Buckingham. Eddie Jelley has played lead guitar for such noted bands as Salty Dog in the 70-80’s, the Good Rats, and in 2006 joined famed Journey Tribute band Evolution, and SRV Tribute Eddie Jelley and Cold Shot.

Katherine Douglas as Stevie Nicks
This bluesy/rock singer has played front woman for Calamity Jane a classic rock cover in which she gave powerful female renditions of Wayward Son – Kansas, Heart, Journey, Melissa Etheridge, and of course Stevie Nick’s own Idol, Joplin. The Fleetwood Mac songs were so well received that many fans swore they were listening to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. Naturally, the band was convinced to reform embarking on another Journey ….Dreams: The Fleetwood Mac Tribute.

Shonee Palacio as Christine McVie
This solo singer shows her softer side along with her piano keyboard chops in her role in the tribute as Christine. Audiences will love her vocal mastery and the finesse with which she covers songs like “Songbird”, “Little Lies” and “Don’t Stop”.

Larry Quadagno as Mick Fleetwood
An accomplished drummer, actor, and owner of Blues Club Johnny Q’s in Palm Beach Larry has Mick down to a science. The drumming style, the look, the hair, audiences will think they’re watching Mick at work.

Kevin Kelly as John McVie
Kevin Kelly besides being a monster bass player in his own right, is am amazing singer with incredible vocal range. Kevin will be carrying many of the backing vocals and harmonies and carrying the John McVie vibe onward in Dreams Kevin is known for his 80’s SF Rock Hair band Canaveral who played to packed concert halls.